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Postdoc position in NeuroRobotics

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    30/11/2020 23:00 - Europe/Athens
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The SPECS Research Group is offering a Postdoc position in NeuroRobotics. The successful candidate will lead SPECS’ NeuroRobotics lab and drive the research on Cognitive Architectures in the context of the Distributed Adaptive Control theory of mind and brain that SPECS-lab has been elaborating over many years [1, 2, 3, 4].

We are seeking a candidate to advance the DAC Architecture towards a whole brain implementation, which maps this cognitive architecture to the main structures of the mammalian brain. We will test these models on robots both targeting rodents level tasks such as foraging and navigation but also, we want to look at human level tasks such as social interaction and motor rehabilitation. The candidate will work directly with the director of SPECS-lab, ICREA Professor Dr. Paul Verschure.

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We Offer:

  • Number of available positions: 1
  • Starting date: January 2021


Working conditions:

  • Full time 3-year contract.
  • Very competitive salary.
  • Measures to reconcile work and family life (maternity and paternity leave, flexible schedule working hours, teleworking, 23 working days of paid holidays, 9 leave days for personal matters, among others).
  • SPECS is at the center of a broad international network through Living Machines and BCBThttps://bcbt.specs-lab.com/bcbt19/
  • Professional development opportunities: the host of SPECS, IBEC, has a Training catalogue in technical and transferable skills and organises seminars and PhD discussions. Mobility grants are offered. Mentoring program for Postdoctoral researchers.
  • Onboarding program to facilitate incorporation at SPECS and additional support is provided to obtain Visa, work permit and to get settled in Barcelona.

Eligibility criteria


The candidate application must include:

  • A covering letter explaining his/her approach to challenges listed in the profile
  • Curriculum Vitae including google scholar citations
  • Certificates (Bachelor, Masters’ degree and PhD degree)
  • The PDFs of at least 3 articles illustrating the candidate’s publication record
  • The full publications list of the candidate

Selection process

How to apply:

Interested applicants should send their CV, cover letter and the contact of two referees to: jobs@ibecbarcelona.eu before the end of November 2020.

Additional comments

SPECS-lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory directed by Catalan Institute of Advanced Studies research professor Paul Verschure. SPECS focuses on advancing a theory of mind and brain which is validated in the empirical investigation of the brain through work with intracranially implanted epilepsy patients, computational principles of learning and memory, decision-making and spatial memory, biologically grounded neurorobotics, neurorehabilitation after brain damage, and advanced neuroinformatics tools for analyzing and accessing complex brain data. SPECS’ research spans Neuroscience, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Mixed Reality and the application areas of Neurorehabilitation, Education, and Cultural Heritage. SPECS-lab comprises a multidisciplinary team of 30 doctoral and post- doctoral researchers and has published over 400 articles in leading journals. SPECS is part of an advanced innovation and transfer pipeline via its spin-off Eodyne Systems which brings science grounded neurorehabilitation to society. SPECS is centrally involved in the annual Living Machines conference, the annual Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology summer school and hosts the Convergent Science Network podcast. For more information go to https://specs-lab.com

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Offer Requirements

    ENGLISH: Excellent


  • Experience:

The successful candidate has experience in some of the following topics: Machine learning for robotics (e.g., reinforcement learning, deep learning),

Computational neuroscience, Embodied artificial intelligence, Bio-inspired robotics, Control systems, Humanoid robots, mobile/field robotics,



exoskeletons, Bio-inspired computing, e.g., artificial neurons, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC).


Additionally, the candidates should have excellent programming skills (e.g., C, C++, Python), proven writing skills, self-propelled and a team player. Familiarity with tools such as ROS, robot simulation (V-REP), TensorFlow, MatLab, and Git is desirable.


  • Degrees/desired profile.

Master/PhD in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Robotics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Computational Neuroscience, or equivalent.

    • Competencies and skills: Communication, Teamwork, Commitment, Proactivity,
    • High level of English

Specific Requirements

Additionally, the candidates should have excellent programming skills (e.g., C, C++, Python), proven writing skills, self-propelled and a team player. Familiarity with tools such as ROS, robot simulation (V-REP), TensorFlow, MatLab, and Git is desirable.

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Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia
Baldiri Reixac, 10-12

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