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EURAXESS SERVICE CENTER Alecu Russo Balti State University

The aim of Alecu Russo Balti State University is to prepare specialists corresponding to modern requirements, able to adapt to the dynamic character of the labor market, able to demonstrate initiative, creativity, high professional skills. At the same time, the institution proposes a general formation of students who correspond to the high title of "University Alumni": the democratic spirit, analytical thinking, modern mentality, culture and education, moral conscience, with a particular openness to new, citizenship, sense of responsibility and love for the country and nation. The slogan is: "The student is the central figure in the university".

Pics DAS Foundation

EURAXESS SERVICE CENTER  DAS Foundation "For a Moldova Based on Knowledge"

DAS Foundation is a non-profit organisation with mission to promote the principles of a knowledge-based society. Our activities focus on two primary goals: bridging the gap between innovative ideas and their implementation, and using ICT solutions for tackling the challenges of the modern society.

Aims & Objectives of the DAS Foundation are: 

  • Promoting digital culture and continuing training in ICT

  • Supporting young people in developing ICT capabilities and using them in different areas

  • Increasing R&D capacity, fostering cooperation between research-development-innovation institutions and enterprises

  • Developing Innovation and Technology Transfer Networks with the involvement of the business and academic environment

  • Promoting and engaging in RDI activities

  • Collaboration with specialists, institutions, and bodies both in the country and abroad to develop specialized relationships, aiming at improving the activity and aligning with international standards

Comrat State University img


Comrat State University is a unique University in Moldova. The only university in the world, where students’ learning is conducted in some specialties in the Gagauz, Romanian, Russian and Bulgarian languages.

On February 11, 1991 in the south of Moldova, in Comrat, started its activity the Gagauz National University. On August 1, 1991, according to a Special Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova Nr. 408, Gagauz National University was transform in Comrat State University (CSU).

CSU consists of 4 faculties: Faculty of National Culture, Economics, Law and Agro-technology. The University carried out activities in the field of higher education on I-st and II-nd cycles. Forms of study – full-time and part-time. Students from University are able to get more than 30 specialties. Over the years, CSU has educated more than 9 thousand specialists in the fields of economy, finance, law, agriculture, pedagogy and culture.

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