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Theaters appeared a very long time ago, but despite their age they still remain one of the most popular ways to spend your leisure time. There are several theaters in Chisinau that everyone who appreciates culture and art simply must visit. In the theaters of Chisinau you will be able to fully appreciate the performance of highly talented actors in original plays directed by Moldovans.


  • The largest theater in Moldova is the national theater Mihai Eminescu. The theater was founded in 1920 and used to be called the National Theater in Chisinau. The plays staged here were mostly by French, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, and Russian play writers. The actors of the national theater Mihai Eminescu have, on numerous occasions, won the sympathy of viewers at international festivals, including the I.L. Caragiale Festival in Bucharest (1993, 1994), the A.P. Chekhov Festival in Moscow (1998), "Divadelna Nitra" in Slovakia, "Golden Lion" in Lvov. Directors from Russia, Romania, and even Canada came to work with the Moldovan actors at the Mihai Eminescu Theater.
  • There are several other theaters in Chisinau which deserve our attention. The Republican Theater "Luceafarul", "Satiricus" I.L. Caragiale, the Theater of Eugene Ionescu, and the "Ginta Latina" Theater are all places where you can enjoy theater classics staged by Moldovan directors. Sometimes the theaters invite guest performers and you can see plays by foreign troupes.
  • It is worth noting that Ginta Latina has been very successful in making the plays original in several ways–here you can see the most unusual stage decorations, innovative acting styles and very interesting plays.
  • If you would like to see a theater where the plays are performed in the Russian language than you need to go to the Russian Dramatic Theater of A. P. Chekhov. The theater was founded in 1934in Tiraspol, and since then has become one of the best Russian theaters in Moldova. In the 60s the theater moved to Chisinau and is currently located on Vlaicu Pircalab 75, which is downtown. The auditorium has almost 500 seats. You can enjoy theater productions of classical authors, such as Shakespeare, Gogol, Moliere, Pushkin, and, obviously –Chekhov. Places like the National Youth Dramatic Theater from Rose Street falls in a separate category. You will see the performance of young, but very talented actors. The staging is done in a rather contemporary style, which differs considerably from the classical understanding of theater.
  • The National Theater of Opera and Ballet is a real treasure for Moldova. The theater toured all over the world and won many awards. In addition, the National Theater of Opera and Ballet in Chisinau once hosted such legends of opera like Fyodor Chaliapin and Enrico Caruso, the concert hall has outstanding acoustic qualities and great lighting. The cultural and entertainment programs for international delegations visiting Moldova often times include a visit to the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. If you decide to visit Chisinau you should definiTely go check it out.
  • For those who prefer something more unusual we recommend the Poetry theater of Alexei Mateevici, and for children–the Republican Puppet Theater "Licurici".

Language courses

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the State language in the Republic of Moldova is the Romanian language, and its writing is based on the Latin alphabet. Pursuant to the same document, the State shall acknowledge and protect the right to the preservation, development and use of the Russian language and other languages spoken within the territory of the State. Communicating in English within the research centers on ordinary issues is not problematic, even though, in conditions of a longer stay in Moldova, it is expected to be acknowledged with the official language for a better integration in the day-to-day life. Some universities render language training courses, teaching the State language and Russian language as well. Another option to learn the State language is to address the services of private companies, as:




Sightseeing in Moldova

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a very modern green and cozy town in the center of our country. The excursion includes visiting the historical center of Chisinau, administrative and cultural edifices on the main boulevard Stefan cel Mare, the main square of the General National Meeting, two central parks, churches and museums of the city, Central Market, market of souvenirs, W.W.II memorial. Duration: 3-4 hours. Way of transport: by foot and public transport.



CRICOVA and MILESTII MICI wine cellars are recognised to be the biggest underground wine cellars in Europe. The wine factory and wine collection are located in limestone tunnels and form an underground wine city with motor streets named after the popular wine brands Cabernet, Shardonait, Feteasca, Sauvignon etc. You need a car to make this tour and an English speaking guide will be driving you through this underground wine townTelling about the winery, wine production and their famous collections. The tour ends with a tasting of 3-5 types of collection and ordinary red and white wines and a lunch, if ordered. Excursions from 2 people. Should be booked in advance. Duration: 2-3 hours Way of transport: by car only.

More about Milestii Mici winery.




Cultural Events







International Festival of music „Martisor”

Thetrical and concert institutions


Ministry of Culture


International Festival of theater schools and film „Class Fest”

Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts; The Republican Theatre "Luceafărul"


Ministry of Culture


Festival of documentary film „Cronograf”

Cinema „Odeon”


Ministry of Culture


The international day of Museums "The Night of Museums’"

National Museums


Ministry of Culture


Light music Festival „The Star of Chisinau, the Star of Moldova”

The National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu"


AO "Pasarea Feonix" Train Vasilcau


Festival “The Biennial International of the Theatre Eugene Ionesco”

The Theatre "Eugen Ionesco"

May - June

Ministry of Culture


Touristic National Festival „DUMINICA MARE”(GREAT SUNDAY)

Domulgeni village, district Floresti


National of Rural, Ecologic and Cultural Tourism - "ANTREC Moldova"


Ethno-musical Festival "Gustar"

Orhei-Vechi cultural natural reservation


Social Association "Sens Muzical" with the support of "East-European Foundation"


Cultural and artistic manifestations with the occasion of the

"Independence Day"

Square of the Great National Assembly

27 of August

Ministry of Culture


The day of the national language inthe Republic of Moldova ,,Limba Noastra’’ (Our Language)

Square of the Great National Assembly

31st of August

Under the aegis of the Government of Republic of Moldova


Republican Festival of ethnicities

Public Garden „Stefan cel Mare”


Office of Interetnic Relations in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Chisinau City Mayoralty


International Festival of Operă and Balet Stars “Invita Maria Biesu”

(Maria Bieshu Invites You)

The National Theatre of Opera and Ballet ”Maria Biesu”;

The Organ Hall; The National Palace


Ministry of Culture


Chisinau City Festival

Square of the Great National Assembly

14 of October

Chisinau City Mayoralty


The National Day of Wine; The National Market of Popular craftsmen „Tezaur” (Thesaurus)

CIE „Moldexpo”, str. Ghioceilor 1


Ministry of Agriculture


International Music Festival „Doua inimi gemene". (Two Gemini Hearts)

National Palace "Nicolae Sulac"


Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Department of Culture of Chisinau Municipality

National Holiday List




Jan 1

New Year


Jan 7

Orthodox Christmas


Jan 8

Orthodox Christmas


Mar 8

International Women's Day



Orthodox Easter



Orthodox Easter Monday


May 1

Labor Day


May 9

Victory and Commemoration Day

Europe Day


June 1

Children's day


Aug 27

Independance Day


Aug 31

National Language Day "Limba Noastra"


Sep 3

National Army Day


Dec 25





Shopping in Chisinau

Whether you are visiting for the first time or have come before, it is always nice to take a keepsake back with you, and the shops of Chisinau are perfect for finding just the right thing to take back home with you as a memento of a wonderful trip.

The city has many new shopping areas over the past few years and shopping at these new areas is a pleasant experience.

There are usually several boutiques in one shopping centre, so you can shop in one place with ease. For rest and relaxation in-between bouts of shopping, there is a seemingly unending supply ofbars and restaurants in Chisinau. The biggest shopping centers in Chisinau are Malldova located on Arborilor street and Megapolis Mall on Mihail Sadoveanu street.

The Sun City Centre located on Pushkin Street has the largest range of cafés and restaurants. Other busy shopping centres in Chisinau with lots of exciting stores are UNIC, Grand Hall, Atrium, Jumbo and Elat.

To be more competitive and attract more shoppers, most shopping centres are constantly improving their facilities and offering extras such as car parking, beauty shops, children's rooms, ateliers, fitness centres and much more. There are many other smaller shopping malls located in every district of Chisinau, which may not be as large or as famous as those listed above, but are sure to be just as good andwill provide all the requirements for a home. These are also quite well situated for all the 'bedroom communities' of Budapest, Europa, Sofia, Linacs and Moscova.





Chisinau is the biggest city in Moldova. So, here live many people who need transport to reach the place they need to be in. In Chisinau there exist several modes of transport: public transport, taxi and private transport.

Public transport includes buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. The most widely spread public transport is the minibuses. There are many routes which interconnect all the parts of the city. In the minibuses you should pay 3 Moldovan leys. Trolleybuses are also widely spread in Chisinau. They are many routes and it takes several minutes to wait them. However they are also cheaper. You should pay for ticket 2 leys. In trolleybuses you should always be given a ticket. Buses are not widely spread in the capital of Moldova. There are very few routes and it takes ages to wait them. However if you are so patient to wait until the bus comes you should pay 3 leys. Like in trolleybus you should be given a ticket.

Taxis are widely spread in Chisinau. There are different taxi services and it may be difficult to choose. However you should know that the price for the same trip by different taxi services doesn’t differ a lot. The difference is not higher than 10 leys. Usually the price for taxi trip is between 30 and 50 leys. If you come from airport you should take into consideration thatairport lies outside the city and the price for taxi may be higher. One more important detail is that taxi is always cheaper if you phone to taxi-office than if you just snag a taxi on the street.

Personal transport is often used by those who need to movefrom one part of the city to another one for many times during the day. Chisinau is not a big city and it takes maximum 40 minutes to reach the place you need by the car. In the last years number of cars in the city grew. In rush hours there are some jams. In Chisinau nowadays it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to stay in jam. If you decided that personal car is the best variant for you and you have no possibility to come by car to the city you may use car rental service. There are several companies in Chisinau which offer such service, as:, or from Airport you can rent car.