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Accommodation facilities

The price-list for renting or buying an apartment/house is influenced by the location and the geographical area.

You will find a wide range of hotels and hostels in Moldova, bringing about the comfort you sought after.

For longer stays, you may consider renting/buying an apartment or even a house.

There are lots of real estate agents that can help you find the perfect home, but you can also search through newspapers or web sites adverts. To rent an apartment is necessary to pay a deposit in the amount of one month’s rent.

Practical information:


Good to know when you want to rent a house/flat

When you choose a flat you should take into consideration more aspects.

First of all, make sure that the flat is looking exactly as it was initially described in the advertising.

Second, the price can be negotiated, depending on more criteria: if the flat is connected to cold water, warm water, natural gas, heating, electricity, if it has been recently painted, if the bathroom unit (taps, shower, toilet) and the electric ones function according to normal parameters if there is a balcony if it is endowed with cable TV, telephone, internet, etc.



Which would be the current payments if you rent/buy a dwelling?

The invoice of maintenance includes – consumption of gas, water, thermal consumption, domestic services (garbage, cleaning), lift service. In the majority of cases, the consumption of gas, water and thermal energy is calculated according to the corresponding meters.

The payment of the invoice is calculated and paid for the month that has just past (for example: if you hire a flat in March, the first invoice for consumption services to be paid you will get in April).

  • Electric current – a service with an obligatory electric meter, the monthly payment of the invoice.
  • Fixed telephony – on the market of fixed telephony several companies are active — Moldtelecom, StarNet, etc., but Moldtelecom has 98 % of the total number of telephone users.
  • Mobile telephony. In Moldova, there are three mobile telephone companies: two in the standard of GSM — Orange, Moldcell and one in the standard of CDMA - Unité.

One more, unauthorized supplier is functioning in Transnistria — Interdnestrcom. If you want to by a SIM number of mobile prepaid, this price varies from 3 to 5 Euro.

Internet – The most important internet service suppliers are — Moldtelecom (71,5%), StarNet (15,5%) - where they indicate the ponderosity in % of operators on wide range service depending on the number of users.

You can also use Wi-Fi nets which are situated in the public gardens (free of charge) and in the majority of premises with a considerable flux of visitors and in the hotels.

Recommendation: you can contract internet, cable and fix telephone services from a single operator. If you hire a flat you should find out whether the owner had already contracted the telephone, cable and internet services, because their installation will require more money and time.

Websites with renting offers: |  www.MoldovaRent.com  |