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Banking sector In order to promote a strong and competitive financial sector and to increase public confidence in the banking sector, by providing public access to relevant bank activity information, the National Bank of Moldova has concluded agreements with licensed banks to publish information on the banking sector as a whole and on banks separately.

List of authorized banks of the Republic of Moldova:

Banca Comerciala „COMERTBANK” S.A.

Banca Comerciala „EuroCreditBank” S.A.

Banca Comerciala „VICTORIABANK” S.A.

Banca Comerciala „MOLDOVA - AGROINDBANK” S.A.

Banca Comerciala „Moldindconbank” S.A

„Banca de Finante si Comert” S.A.

Banca Comerciala „ProCredit Bank” S.A.

Banca Comerciala „ENERGBANK” S.A.

Banca Comerciala Romana Chisinau S.A.

Banca Comerciala „MOBIASBANCA - Groupe Societe Generale” S.A.

Banca Comerciala "EXIMBANK - Gruppo Veneto Banca" S.A.




The national currency, the Moldovan Leu, was introduced on the 29th of November 1993.

The National Bank of Moldova was established in 1991.

The current banknote series was introduced by NBM between 1993 and 1995.


  • One LEU;
  • Five LEI;
  • Ten LEI;
  • Twenty LEI;
  • Fifty LEI;
  • One Hundred LEI;
  • Two Hundred LEI;
  • Five Hundred LEI;
  • One Thousand LEI


5 bani; 10 bani; 25 bani; 50 bani. (1 Leu =100 bani)